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Yesterday, I read news on the new web browser called “Epic” launched by Bangalore based startup Hidden Reflex. The first thing I loved about it is that its Desi Maal…full Indian touch. Here is a quick review of what more I liked in Epic for you from a non-techie perspective 😉
These days my preferred web browser is Google Chrome and I must say Epic is a far better option.
One can see the top stories of the day (world, national or regional) related to business, health, entertainment, sports, etc. live streaming of news channel at just one click on the sidebar. Considering the craze among people about social networking, developers have installed shortcuts to facebook, orkut, gmail, twitter and yahoo (linkedin is missing though). The “Indic Text” gives you the option to write your text in 16 languages and on certain web pages like facebook, you can directly type in hindi using this option.
Coming to the look and feel, Epic gives you an option to choose from over 1000 Indian themes from Bollywood, National Heroes, Indian nature, Religion and what not!! The Antivirus option in the side bar not only scans your downloads and protects you from landing to malicious sites but also scans your computer and has a cool feature of “Anti-Phishing Protection”…so next time you are at an unauthenticated bank site…u know who just saved your day. 😛
Apart from this, the browser gives you Free Word Processor to create/edit your documents. “My Computer” helps you to quickly access your files.  Create your “To Do list” and it keeps a check on you 😉
The “Snippets” is a cool feature again…you want to save a news item for your future reference, save a statistic for the report you are working on, a nice quote to impress someone…Snippets is just there for your help…Highlight the area you want to save and apply a label to it and you are done.
You can book your travel, search and save jobs (trust me boss won’t come to know about it :P), play games in between to take a break (I couldn’t try this feature…takes loads of time to load). With “Collections” feature, save your most often visited websites and access them in a click.
One can add more Epic applications according to one’s wish (we can add but can we remove some applications from the side bar if we wish to…i guess not). Apart from all this, there are regular features like Bookmarks, History, Downloads, etc. which every browser has. Also, I just came to know it doesn’t support linux (any further inputs on this are welcome)
Overall, I loved it…a great browser by Indian developers custom-made for Indians.
Do post your reviews/comments below…would love to know your feedback on the post too as this is my first attempt. 🙂