Even Tihar is now on Facebook!New Trend is Brands going Social Offline

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Social Media
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I am working in the Social Media domain for the last couple of months and the way it is shaping up has made me quite excited about this industry.

Brands slowly and gradually are recognizing the need to be present on this medium to make direct connect with their target audience. Facebook being 22 million strong in India has emerged as the most sought after social networking site both by the users and the marketers.

Marketers have always tried to find ways to reach and interact with their consumers directly, finally they have found a solution, it seems. Social Media Platforms have come as a boon to brands which want to reach their target segment in a new and better way. The objective could be better service, promoting new products, getting leads or just building a connect with the consumers. 85% of Indian Youth is hooked to Social Networking Sites these days. This statistics has made it imperative for the brands to consider this new and emerging form of media seriously and tap its audience where it is present most of the time. A big catch for the marketers is MINIMAL COST!

What drove me to write this post was the sudden rise in companies promoting their social media platforms via offline mediums and drive more users online. A case in point is the Vodafone’s recent “ZooZoo” Ad which was on the front page of Times of India. The only link mentioned in the ad was their Facebook Page. So, is Social Media Platforms like Facebook getting more prominence than the websites?…It is too early to say that. But such promotions do suggest that companies are now making an effort to promote their social platforms via offline mediums. Find below few of the recent examples of brands promoting their social mediums in Print Media:

vodafone valentino

Valentino promoting their Social Platforms: Orkut, Facebook and  Twitter – though a very important thing missing is their Handles

Vodafone’s 3G Ad with Facebook URL


pandawokPandawok, a restaurant in Noida promoting their

Facebook Fan Page in their pamphlets


Even Tihar Jail is now on Facebook,
though they have not created a page  but a User Profile.

On the same note, Shoppers Stop has also been giving a full page advertisement with the link to their Facebook Fan Page promoting their discount season. Hope to see more brands and companies leverage the power of Social Media…This is just the beginning 🙂


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